Evaluating A Potential Wedding Venue For Your Ceremony

The venue that you choose for your wedding will have a wide range of effects on the rest of your planning for the event. During the process of evaluating a potential wedding venue, there are several different factors that will have to be weighed. Choose A Venue That Works For The Theme Of The Wedding When you are in the early stages of planning your wedding, having a theme for the event can be extremely useful as it will allow you to better focus your decision-making process by allowing you to narrow down your options. Read More 

5 Signs You Should Turn Your Destination Wedding Into An Elopement

Are you planning a destination wedding? For many couples who don't want or can't have a big, traditional wedding, a destination event is the perfect alternative. However, would you prefer to actually have an elopement instead of a destination wedding? Here are a few indicators that this downsizing is right for you. 1. You're Still Stressed. How do you feel as you plan your nuptials? Are you still experiencing stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, or pressure? Read More 

Plus Size Wedding Dress: How To Find The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect wedding dress is important for all brides. However, it's especially vital to find the right dress if your body type is on the curvier side. Don't worry — here are tips to help you find a wedding dress that flatters your curves and makes you look stunning on your big day. Leave Your Comfort Zone When finding the perfect plus-size wedding dress, many women play it safe and stick to what they know. Read More 

3 Things You Can Do When You Hire A Wedding Film Service

Most people hire photographers to capture their weddings. However, a wedding film can be even more meaningful than simple photographs. Wedding films show people as they truly are, as they laugh, talk, and enjoy themselves. Wedding filmmakers can record, edit, and score videos of your special day. Hiring professionals ensures that your wedding film will be just as beautiful as the wedding itself. These are three things you can do when you hire a wedding film service: Read More