5 Signs You Should Turn Your Destination Wedding Into An Elopement

Are you planning a destination wedding? For many couples who don't want or can't have a big, traditional wedding, a destination event is the perfect alternative. However, would you prefer to actually have an elopement instead of a destination wedding? Here are a few indicators that this downsizing is right for you.

1. You're Still Stressed. How do you feel as you plan your nuptials? Are you still experiencing stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, or pressure? If so, consider how you're scaling things down. Although they're smaller, destination weddings still require many parts of traditional wedding planning — such as decor, favors, guests, and meals. Eloping ditches these extras, so it may be the best way to de-stress. 

2. You'd Rather Save More. Destination weddings can be much less expensive than big weddings. But they may not always be as inexpensive as you expect. By the time you add up the costs of travel, weekend accommodations, parties, venue, and guests, you may rack up a decent bill. Would you prefer to save even more? Skip the add-ons and focus your money on just the travel, ceremony, and honeymoon. 

3. You Don't Feel Engaged. While a destination wedding is less traditional than a standard event, it still has many of the key hallmarks. There's an audience, a celebration, cake and food, the first dance, toasts, and more. But how do you feel about these elements? If you don't find that you really care about these details or activities, an elopement avoids them altogether.

4. You Still Have Family Drama. Has cutting down the guest list solved your family or friend drama? Or are people still giving unsolicited advice, insisting on coming, or criticizing your choice to have an intimate wedding? An elopement has one advantage that other forms of nuptials generally don't have: privacy. Because they involve as few as a handful of people, you get it done without others' involvement or even knowledge. 

5. You Want to Focus on You. By stripping out the extra activities that fill up wedding days, elopements turn the focus on the couple and their friends rather than on accessories. There are no extra details, few material items, and little to plan. So you can focus on yourself, your partner, your closest loved ones, and your love story. If this sounds like your wedding day goal, it's time to strip out the distractions. 

Where to Start

If these indicators resonate with you, start planning your elopement ceremony today. Meet with venues and providers in your area to learn more about this intimate way to get married. 

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