Planning Your Wedding? 3 Tips to Pick a Venue That Can Accommodate Changes

If you have imagined what you want for your wedding for a long time, you may find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about ideas after getting engaged. While some couples end up getting married at their local courthouse, you may feel determined to get married at a wedding venue.

When you are not sure what your wedding is going to look like exactly in the end, you should make sure to prioritize venues that can accommodate various changes.

Guest Count

Figuring out who you are going to invite to your wedding and sending out invitations can give you a pretty accurate number on how many people will be there. But, you may not want to feel limited with your total guest count because you may decide to invite a few more guests or people who declined the invitation may have an opening in their schedules to go to the wedding.

This makes it worth picking a venue with a maximum capacity that is beyond the maximum number of people that you intend on inviting altogether. If you are close to inviting enough people to reach capacity for a certain venue, you may want to move up to the next size venue.


While looking at venues, you may find some with incredible decorative setups that you are interested in for your own wedding. This can lead to a situation in which you choose a venue based on these decorations, but your idea of perfect decorations may end up changing over time.

To make sure that you are happy with the decorations at your wedding, you will find it best to prioritize venues with multiple decorative styles to choose from. This makes it possible to swap from one style to another after you finish planning and as the day of your wedding gets closer.


An important and memorable part of the wedding is the reception, which is where you will eat food and enjoy drinks with all your guests. If you love all sorts of cuisines, you may have a certain idea of mind for what food you want to eat while going through the planning process.

Finding a venue that specializes in multiple cuisines is ideal because they can accommodate most or all cuisine changes that you are interested in for your own reception.

If you want the ability to make changes after finishing your wedding plans, you will appreciate choosing a venue with the ability to accommodate these needs. Start the process by contacting services like Pristine Chapel Lakeside.