Tips For Making A Brewery Wedding Reception Memorable

Many breweries have space to accommodate gatherings such as weddings, which means that if you and your significant others are beer aficionados — and you're looking for a unique idea for your reception — holding it at a brewery might be an idea to raise a glass to. Given the unique nature of the venue, you'll want to give some thought to how you can make your reception stand out for you, your wedding party, your families, and your guests. A representative of the brewery will likely have some ideas for you to consider, but it's also good to bring your own thoughts to the table. Here are some tips for making this event memorable.

Include A Tour

Most breweries host tours, so making sure that this event is a part of your big day will be an idea to strongly consider. You'll find that many of your guests will be interested in this activity, especially if you schedule it at a smart time. For example, if you, your soon-to-be spouse, and your wedding party will be having your photos taken at a certain point of the afternoon or evening, you may wish to have the brewery tour take place at this time. This keeps those in attendance from feeling bored while the photo session occurs. 

Have A Custom Brew

There's a good chance that the brewery will allow you to have your own custom brew for the occasion. There are different approaches that breweries take. One option is to simply put custom labels on a few dozen bottles that honor your wedding. In addition to being fun to drink, you'll likely want to keep a few of these bottles as keepsakes. Another option is for you to be involved in the brewing process — for example, performing some small role such as pressing a few buttons as your special batch gets brewed.

Offer A Tasting

Beer will obviously be on the menu when you're having your wedding reception in a brewery, but you can do more than simply offer it to your guests at dinner. Talk to the brewery about offering a tasting to any guests who might be interested. The servers can present flights of several types of beer to your guests, and an expert from the brewery can talk a little about the beverages and how they're made. The inclusion of each of these ideas can go a long way toward making your day memorable for everyone.

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