The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Dress Shopping With Family

The time between a marriage proposal and the wedding can be a magical, exciting time for any bride. It can be a time for daydreaming and indulging in what you really want for your wedding. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, it's only natural to want to include your family in the shopping process. However, that can quickly get stressful. Follow these tips to include your family without excluding what's best for you.

Don't Say Yes Unless You Truly Love the Dress

When you are shopping with family members, it can be easy to get carried away if you and your family all like a certain dress. That's especially true if you have tried on several dresses. When you find one that everyone likes, it can be tempting to just choose it and call it a day. However, your wedding dress is one of the most memorable pieces of clothing you'll ever own. Make sure that you choose a dress you truly love, not one that you think your family wants you to have.

Do Set Boundaries at the Start of the Shopping Trip

Shopping for a wedding dress is a very thrilling thing, but emotions can run high. Think about the things that are likely to drive you nuts about shopping for such an important dress with your family. Then decide what you can do to minimize the stress. You probably will want to start with setting a few boundaries with your family members.

Boundaries can be simple. For example, if you get frustrated every time a certain relative makes a remark about your body, address the issue beforehand. You can say something as simple as, "Although your frankness and honesty is appreciated, please don't make any comments related to body size today." If the person ignores your wish, remind them of it. If they insist on breaking the boundary, let them know that you will need to finish shopping without them.

Don't Forget to Express Your Gratitude

Going shopping for a wedding dress can take a good chunk of the day. Relatives may rearrange their entire weekend to be there to help you find your dream dress. Although you may not appreciate all the unsolicited advice that comes your way during the shopping trip, be sure to stop and say a sincere word of thanks to all your family members who help you find your dress.

Finally, you may be inspired to choose a wedding dress just for the bliss of it. If a dress makes you feel good and you know you'll look great walking down the isle in it, don't worry about what anyone else says. Trust yourself and what you really want for your wedding dress. The rest will fall into place as your loved ones gather to celebrate your wedding day.