Set Up A Bridal Registry That Reflects You And Your Partner’s Travel Wishes

A bridal registry does not require a list of standard items, such as cookware and linens that you and your soon-to-be spouse do not need. If you and your partner plan on backpacking across the country soon after getting married and would appreciate receiving some gifts that will accommodate both of you and make the trip memorable, set up a bridal registry that reflects both of your desires. 

Sign Up With A Couple Retailers

Seek retailers that sell camping and travel items that interest both you and your partner. Inquire about setting up a registry at a couple of places so that your wedding guests will have a diverse selection of gift options to choose from. Remember, not everyone is going to have a lot of money to invest in a gift, so consider adding many small ticket items, as well as costlier pieces.

Protective clothing, a tent, portable cooking implements, dinnerware, lanterns, and backpacks are some functional backpacking items that will be useful during the excursion. Additional items that are not necessarily used solely for traveling can be added to the registry, including a camera, hand tools, navigational aids, and a hammock.

Your main focus when comprising the list of items that will go on your registry is that each item should reflect both your and your partner's personality and be something that you are in agreement upon wanting. 

Seek Monetary Donations Or Unique Experiences

There are a couple of ways that you can alert your guests about the registry that has been set up with each retailer. A family member who is orchestrating your engagement party or assisting with steps needed prior to getting married can relay the information to your invitees. Another way to inform everyone is by setting up a website and adding information about the registries on the site.

Don't feel as if you are restricted to receiving physical objects. If monetary donations or unique experiences, such as horseback riding or rock climbing, are of more interest to you and your partner, let the person who is aiding you with your plans know so that they can tell everyone about you and your partner's wishes. 

Thank People Soon After Receiving Gifts

Be respectful of everyone who has given you and your partner a gift and make a point of letting them know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Because it can be overwhelming to plan your wedding and ensure that it goes off without a hitch, preparing and sending thank you notes soon after receiving gifts will eliminate the possibility of forgetting to thank people while in the midst of handling other wedding planning steps.