5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Chapel Wedding

For a bride and groom on a budget, finding ways to save money without looking like they are trying to do so is important. Even in a chapel wedding, there are a number of ways you can economize without sacrificing style. Here are a few.

Focus on the Front. Think of the wedding chapel as a diamond engagement ring. The outer layers are simply there to hold things together and draw attention to the 'jewel' of the ceremony: where you say "I do". If you have a limited budget, focus your money and energy on making the ceremony center look best. This will be where the most important pictures are taken and where all eyes will be focused.

Look for Intrinsic Beauty. The more natural beauty the chapel has, the less you will need to decorate it. Look for a location with vintage appeal, classical features, or a well-kept appearance. You can take advantage of existing beauty for photo backgrounds and for natural decoration.

Stay In Season. Exotic decorations can be expensive. And while fancy tiger lilies might look great, they could bust your wedding budget and might not end up looking very impressive. Instead, look for local flowers that are in season and widely available in your area. Choosing greenery instead of flowers is another way to save money on ceremony decor. Consider it a way to bring the season into your wedding and save money too. 

Create Ambiance. You don't need to fill the chapel with flowers to have a romantic and beautiful ceremony. Candles are inexpensive and create a soft, beautiful glow. Line the chapel with candles or use basic and inexpensive candles inside lanterns for a more rustic look. Incorporate candles into the ceremony for a budget-friendly centerpiece people will remember. Be sure to check your venue's policy on wax candles ahead of time, though.

Share Expenses. Many popular chapels and churches have multiple weddings occurring on a single weekend. If you choose a popular time of year, you may be able to work out an arrangement with the other wedding couple to share decorations and expenses. This route requires you to be a little flexible, but it could result in better decorations than you can achieve with the same budget on your own. 

Your chapel wedding ceremony can be just as beautiful and memorable as you've always wanted even if you have a tight budget. Implementing any of these money-saving options could save both money and stress. And then you can enjoy your big day even more.