Four Ways to Incorporate Vintage Jewelry Into Your Wedding Day Look

Whether you have a collection of family heirloom jewelry or you collect vintage pieces, you may be wondering how you can incorporate your favorite pieces into your wedding day look. Fortunately, there are several beautiful ways you can do this. Use this guide as inspiration to create a stunning look for your special day.

Brooch Headband

Instead of opting for a plain wedding veil, consider creating a headband with two or three of your favorite brooches. For this idea, use one larger piece to sit at the center, and use any smaller brooches to complement the large piece. Brooches with clear or champagne-colored gems are ideal for this option. 

Brooch Bouquets

Combining brooches with your wedding flowers can create a stunning look, and it gives you a way to use more of your jewelry collection with your wedding day look. For this idea, gather an array of brooches with stones that match your wedding colors, and use floral wire to wrap the brooches around the flowers. You can also use florist's foam for this project if you don't want to use flowers at all. Cut the foam to fit the shape of your bouquet holder, and cover it in a piece of fabric to match your wedding colors. Simply stick the pins for the brooches into the foam, and arrange the pieces to cover as much of the fabric as possible.

Jewelry-Trimmed Gown

Consider customizing your wedding gown by having some of your vintage jewelry sewn into the bodice. Strands of pearls can be used at the neckline or waistline to create a beautiful look, and rhinestone earrings and brooches can be sewn into the neckline to create a bejeweled look. If you have loose stones or mismatched earrings, work with your seamstress or dressmaker to come up with other unique ways of sewing them into the dress.

Bejeweled Bag

For a DIY wedding bag to hold all your essentials, purchase a plain clutch purse in a neutral shade of white, ivory, or champagne. Select two large brooches, and affix them to either side of the bag. This gives you a one-of-a-kind purse. You can also use this idea to create custom bags for your bridal party as a thank-you gift for being in your wedding.

Vintage or heirloom jewelry can be used in many different ways to customize your wedding look, and they give you that all-important "something used" for your special day. Use these ideas to come up with a sparkling addition to your wedding ensemble. If you need more supplies, check out retailers like Fabulous Brooch Bouquets.