Long Distance “I Do’s” – 5 Tips For Planning A Stress-Free Destination Wedding

Planning a long distance or destination wedding can be a logistical challenge. It does, though, come with rewards that make all the extra effort worthwhile for many couples. If this is the situation you find yourself in, here are a few planning tips to take the stress out of the weeks before your big day. 

Hire Help. Your best friend in this process will be your local go-to person. And, while you may have friends or family in the area, it may be best to hire a professional wedding planner anyway. Unlike laypersons, a planner will have experience with the local wedding industry, vendors, timelines, contracts, and how to handle emergencies. Use your friends or family, though, to help you make long distance decisions along with your planner. 

Learn to Let Go. Having a long distance wedding means that you cannot be there to control every aspect of the event as it is arranged or created. Trying to micromanage from afar is likely to only add to your stress and may not even improve anything. Instead, focus on a few priorities that you and your partner have -- such as the dress, photographer, cake, or band -- and let less personally important things be handled by others. 

Make the Trip. You should plan in your wedding budget for travelling to your venue at least once or twice during preparation. Use these brief visits intensively to cover as much ground as possible -- including meeting with vendors, signing contracts, researching venues, interviewing bands or photographers, and taste-testing food.

Purchase Some Things Yourself. While most of your wedding details will have to be done by vendors at your destination locale, decide what you can do in your own area as well. Wedding rings, the bridal and bridesmaid dresses, and important decorative pieces should often be purchased in your own area so that they are completed to your satisfaction. If your bridal party does not live near you, consider arranging for them to purchase or rent their attire in their own areas as well. 

Travel Early. Don't wait until the day before your wedding to travel to your venue. If you can arrange to be there early in the week, you will be able to oversee final preparations and handle emergencies as smoothly as you can. Arrange a meeting with your wedding planner as soon as possible -- both to make any last minute tweaks to your arrangements and to assure yourself that your wedding is going as planned. 

By following these few simple guidelines, you can have that dream destination wedding you've always wanted. And you can even have time to sit back, relax, and enjoy it. For more information, contact companies like Events By Nichole.