Wedding Venue Frenzy: 3 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Luxury Apartment For Your Ceremony And Reception

One of the most challenging aspects of the wedding planning process is finding the venue or venues for your ceremony and reception. Whether you're hosting a small budget marriage ceremony or your venue fell through at the last minute, you may be panicking over where you will have your event.

Here are 3 reasons why a luxury rental apartment may offer a solution:


In many highly-sought-after destination cities, there are a large variety of new and historic luxury apartments available at any given time. Of all larger multi-family developments completed in 2015, 75 percent were luxury complexes. Many luxury apartments are available for short-term rental. You won't be vying for a spot with hundreds of other brides, but may be competing with a few out-of-town visitors or business travelers for a particular apartment.

The exception would be on event weekends including Super Bowl and convention dates in the same city, when more affluent visitors are expected in town. Even on those weekends, a property manager or apartment owner should be able to find you an adequate space on short notice. There is around a 95 percent occupancy rate for luxury apartments, but that still leaves a large number of empty units available on any given date.


If you rent a furnished luxury unit for a day or a weekend, you won't have to do much in the way of decorating. This helps cut costs and labor. If you're having a larger wedding, it may be better to rent an unfurnished apartment and bring in rental chairs, ceremony decor and tables to set up the space for better flow and guest comfort.

Apartments already have a kitchen, so your catering crew can heat and prepare foods, and most of the time you won't need any sort of liquor permit or licensed bartender to serve alcohol as you might be required to do in a standard venue contract.

Additionally, many luxury apartment complexes have amenities like clubhouses and party spaces that are rarely used. You can hold your ceremony in one of these spaces and use the apartment for your reception, dressing area or honeymoon rest spot. Pools, spas and other features may be available to you and your wedding party for recreation and fun.


Many wedding venues require you to use their catering and bar service staff. They may have an exclusive wedding vendor list, meaning you can't bring your favorite caterer or party planner to your reception if they aren't on the list.

Additionally, some venues require you to reserve space for a minimum number of guests or they won't handle your event. With an apartment wedding, you get to choose the vendors you prefer, and you can have an elegant party even when your guest list is small. For a very intimate wedding, a studio apartment or trendy loft in a luxury complex is an affordable and accessible way to say your vows in an attractive and upscale location.

You also don't need to have everything cleaned up an hour after your event as some venues demand. Your crew, family, or vendors will have plenty of time to tidy up the ceremony spot without worrying about compromising the next couple's wedding time.

Rental prices for luxury apartments vary by location and square footage, but in Chicago you can expect to pay from $2,400 to over $10,000 a month for one of these units, which is as much as a few hours' rental at some event venues. Luxury studio apartments in Chicago start at around $1,500 per month.

Short-term luxury apartment rentals will be significantly cheaper than these prices, but you can conceivably rent an apartment for a full four weeks of wedding fun for the same price as one day at many popular wedding spots.