5 Creative Venue Ideas for Your Small Wedding

If you know that you want a small, intimate wedding and that conventional wedding locations like reception halls or a church don't quite fit your taste, there are some very unique and creative venue ideas that would be perfect for you. Consider these five:

1. Wedding Boat

Getting married on a wedding boat or yacht is the perfect choice for the couple who loves being out on the water among the waves and salty air. A maritime wedding is very romantic and scenic, and it's a great option for a smaller wedding since your party won't feel cramped on the boat. Wedding boat charter companies typically provide a ceremony, décor, and catering—just as though you were getting married on land, but in a much cooler setting. Contact a company like Scarlett Belle to learn more.


For the book-loving couple, an elegant library can be a very sweet, charming location for a small wedding. Many cities have gorgeous historic libraries with unique architecture and dramatic entryways perfect for photo ops. You could even create a whole literary theme for your wedding, including book-style wedding invitations and bookmark wedding favors.

Tree House

With the growing trend of elaborate, beautiful tree house homes, in many parts of the country you can now get married in an actual tree house. Imagine a charming home on stilts in the middle of a deep forest with breathtaking views of nature. If this is the type of romantic setting you and your spouse-to-be would enjoy, start looking around for options. Most tree house homes are small, so an intimate wedding is the best fit for this unique setting.   

Science or Art Museum

Maybe you went to a museum on your first date or you simply live in a city with a cool, picturesque science or art museum that rents out event space. Just think of the potential wedding photo opportunities with dramatic artwork or massive dinosaur skeletons in the background. Many museums provide event spaces and planning services, so it's worth a call to your favorite museum to see what they offer.

Camp Site

If you and your significant other are the outdoorsy type, consider having your wedding at a scenic camp site. Nature will provide all the beautiful décor you need, and after the ceremony your closest friends and families can camp out with you, making s'mores around the campfire and stargazing. If you have the budget for it, you can also look for a "glamping" site in your area, offering luxurious versions of tents and tepees for you and your guests.

Any of these ideas will lead to a very memorable wedding that fits your unique style as a couple.